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Tailgate (n.) : A gathering of strangers who come together to eat, drink, and make a mess of themselves and the environment around them. This gathering may demonstrate obnoxious behavior but for the love of the game.

I never really understood the purpose of tailgating, until college happened. Then it all made sense. And then when I turned 21, it made perfect sense. My favorite part of tailgating is that people are generally nice and want to share their food. Why can’t every day be like this? If you get a visiting team who are amazing people, they will enjoy your company too. I’ve personally never butt heads with the opposing team. Possibly because I avoid conflict at all costs. And I like to infect people with my bombshell smile…But if you respect them, they’ll respect you back.

Now, if you’re a newb (newbie) at tailgating and coming along for the ride with your friend or family member, it is honestly a daunting thought. There are a lot of people, mixed with alcohol and ketchup….every where. Never ending lines to the porta poties. Staggering people. Cars driving. Loud music. It literally sucks all energy out of you. Good thing for you, I have the Must Haves for the tailgating experience. Without further ado…

6 Tailgate Must Haves

for the Girls who Just Wants to Have Fun while looking Classy, Sassy & a bit Bad-Assy!
  1. Bottle Opener/Corkscrew: Now this may be a no-brainer but there are times when I’ve been to a tailgate with mountains of beer but no bottle opener in sight. I’ve seen people  who can open their beer bottle with their keys, teeth, and/or belt buckle. Seriously a God given talent. Save the challenge and bring a bottle opener. Are glass containers even allowed? No. But it’s America, and people do it anyway. Seriously, a corkscrew? I’ve seen betches drinking out of wine glasses at tailgates. And I golf clap to those boss babes. You do you, girl friend.
  2. Tissue: Remember when I said never ending lines at the shitter? Front-to-back, babe. Don’t be nasty.
  3. Advil: Because you’ll need it. I promise. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to fight off a headache when you’re trying to get your flippy cup game on.
  4. ID: Beer run. And just in case you fall asleep somewhere and security needs to identify you.
  5. Koozie: Once again, I didn’t see the need for koozies until one tailgate afternoon my beer was warm. *palm to face* Newb move. The things you learn while tailgating! All those koozies you received as wedding favors comes in handy! Grab one for you and a friend, because you know your pal won’t be as prepared as you! (Yes, I did give koozies as gifts to my wedding party.)
  6. Tickets: Don’t forget your ticket if you’re going in to see the game. Don’t be a Karen. Need I say more?

Have any fun tailgating stories?

What would you add to my list of must haves?


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