Going to your first football is exciting! Move over high school football, because college and professional football is a WAY different experience.

When I went to my first college football game, I was NOT prepared for the fact that we were NOT allowed to sit down the ENTIRE game. Student section that is. General admission can do whatever they please.

My roommate reasoned “if the team doesn’t get to sit down, then we don’t sit down.”


Notre Dame football rules all. It didn’t change my experience because it was awesome. Everyone was cheering, ND was doing great, and the weather was perfect.

But it wasn’t always like that.

Your football team won’t always win. You don’t always sit around lovely fans. The football game may not always start early afternoon. And the weather won’t always cooperate.

Here’s my advice for prepping for your first football game. Grab a pencil and paper or screen shot this baby!

The Prep: Football 101

  1. What is the weather like that day? Think about wearing pants or bringing a sweater if it will be chilly or if the game will proceed into the night.
  2. Invest! If you are going to a game in November/December/January…think about investing in some hand/feet warmers. Because those bad boys will be worth it. They are usually only $1 in the dollar sections of Target.
  3. Check your footwear situation. If you are tailgating before hand, it would be best to wear some sneakers of some sort. Especially if you plan on getting turnt. (I’d imagine fresh puke would NOT look adorable on your pedicure.) Or if you will be walking from Point A to Point D, wear sensible shoes. Plus, you don’t want to get stepped on. If you’re petite like me, it happens all the time.
  4. Eat. If you would like to save some money. I’d suggest eating something big at home. Then you can buy something small to snack on at the stadium. #footballselfie
  5. Sunglasses and hats. Especially during early afternoon, cloudless game days. You don’t want to be squinty. Ruins the day. I’d forgo the sunhat and choose a cute baseball hat.
  6. Lighten the load and choose a wristlet. One, because there is no room for your Louis Vuitton. Two, because you don’t want to put that on the nasty cement ground. And three, you honestly just need money, your ID, and your ticket.  And your lipgloss. Duh. Especially when it gets nippy out, chapped lips is something close to annoying and coffee on a white dress. During the colder games, you can even stuff all that into your coat.
  7. Who is your team? What what are their colors? Remember the mascot of the team you are rooting for. Because…don’t be THAT girl.
  8. Read my last post on Football 101 so you get an idea of how football is played. Promise me. The last thing a football fanatic wants to do during a football game is explain it.
  9. Prepare to have fun. Soak yourself in the experience. Don’t have a sore attitude. Plus, it makes your relationship with your husband/boyfriend stronger that you can share something that is special to him. This is shopping to them.
  10. Put your phone away. Chances are you won’t even have reception so don’t bother draining your battery. Breathe the fresh…ok kind-of fresh air. Get up and moving. Lose your voice! Be in the moment because you won’t get another moment like this. This is a time where people come together to celebrate one of the small joys in life. The world we are living in right now has been rough and upsetting but doing something that can put all politics aside is a blessing.

Are you going to your first football game soon?

What was your first football game experience like?

Any advice for any newbies?



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