The Kindness Challenge: Week 3 Round up

With the holidays around the corner, I had to start bundling up the challenge days! Never the less, the challenge continues! Follow my insta (@therese_salinas) to be up to date! Subscribe to my blog to get your own kindness challenge list 🙂

Day 16: Help a stranger & Day 17: Share a cause – Helped a fellow shopped at the store carry her items. Shared a cause about my favorite animal. Read my blog post about here.

Day 18: Donate clothing & Day 19: Make a new friend – Cleaned out my closet and set aside clothing for those who need it more than I do. Made a new friend because you always need a friend!

Day 20: Saying please & Thank You & Day 21: Hug someone – Those magic words can mean so much. It doesn’t take much to say please and thank you. You never know how much it means to the receiver. Hugging someone is the best anti-depressant out there.

Day 22: Acknowledging & Day 23: Take Action – I received an unexpected hug at work. Goes to show how showing kindness can give you in return. Plus I took action and did something my hubby usually does without asking him.

How’s your challenge going? I can’t believe the month is almost over! Hope your holiday weekend was filled with thanks and giving, surrounded by loved ones, and left your heart warmer and lighter!


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