Here’s the ugly truth: You are poisoning your body and you don’t even know it.

If you are health cautious, you immediately read the labels on food items. You decide to go organic, gluten free, or vegan because you are terrified of what you have been fueling your body with. You start exercising because you are afraid of developing illnesses that could be chronic or even, life threatening. So you decide to change your eating and exercise habits to decease your chances of getting ill. You start bragging to your family and friends about how much your life has changed because you altered what you are putting in your body.

But you are still poisoning your body.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Shouldn’t you be concerned about what you put on it? Being someone who is sensitive to certain fragrances, makeup, even jewelry…I am super cautious about what I put on my skin. Because one trip to the Emergency Room was enough. Especially if you are a nurse, you only go if you are dying. Have you ever read the label of makeup or skin products? I am guilty, because I never have. I was only concerned if it looked good on me. The chemicals didn’t matter. That’s where I went wrong. Don’t lie, you choose makeup based on it’s wear, if it lasts long, doesn’t smear/run/smudge, and sometimes the name brand. I’m sure your makeup stash costs over $300 or more. If you actually do the math, you may feel a little horrible to think you spend all that money on harmful chemicals you are poisoning your body with.

Wouldn’t you feel better if you spent it on products that enhance rather than diminish?

Why does this matter? Because your health matters.

I heard about Beautycounter from fellow bloggers and was always interested in their mission. During a blogger/influencer event, I was finally educated about the business of beauty. My new friend, Ellie, was perked to tell me all about Beautycounter and what I was basically doing wrong with all beauty/skin decisions. But seriously! We need to take charge of our health! Beauty is health care too! If we pay attention to what we feed our body, we should pay attention to what we put on the largest organ of our body!

Beautycounter’s Mission: To get safer products into the hands of everyone.

What surprised me the most was how many chemicals are banned in Europe compared to the modest amount in the United States. Beautycounter emphasizes The Never List which lists the detrimental chemicals they will never use in their products. All that mumbo-jumbo on the labels of beauty products will come to light with their handy dandy list. Every ingredient used in their products are carefully screened and consulted with scientists.

Have you ever put on makeup and think…this smells weird or this doesn’t feel right. Have you ever washed your face with dermatologist-tested products which left your face red and irritated? Or applied all-natural/mineral makeup and got an allergic reaction? Did you ever think there was something in the ingredients that is toxic or just assumed your body doesn’t react well with that said product? In other words, it’s your body not the product that is the problem. Well…maybe it isn’t your body and it is the product that is made with chemicals you can’t even pronounce or heard of.

Here’s the kicker: The United States hasn’t passed a law on safer ingredients on personal products since 1938.

We need to take a stand on our health, it is up to us to keep educating everyone on healthy products. Companies are not required to tell us what is in their products. Isn’t that insane? There needs to be a change and it starts with us. Instead of just wearing makeup, be a part of it. Become a member of the beauty movement. Immerse yourself in what you put on your skin and educate others. Amazing things will come when you share ideas.

Beauty is more than just perfect makeup and hair. Beauty comes from within. It’s the confidence to speak up and educate others. It’s being assertive in your decisions, personally or professionally. And it’s being hopeful for a safer and healthier future for everyone. Beauty is a fearless quality.

“We must stop asking women to compromise their health in the name of beauty.” – Gregg Renfrew {Founder and CEO}

Beautycounter Review

I was super grateful to have the opportunity to review a few Beautycounter products. [This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.]


No. 3: Balancing Facial Mask & Charcoal Bar : I was super excited to try this because I’ve heard so much about charcoal as a skin product. The charcoal mask was amazing to use because you can literally see the mask pulling out the yuck from your face. Truly amazing. I even had my hubby try it on his face and he thought it left his skin feeling soft and clean for the rest of the night. The bar is a great cleanser as well! I thought it would dry out of my face but did the opposite. After washing off, my face felt smooth and fresh. And that NEVER happens when I use other face cleansers. I would suggest this as a holiday gift. The packaging is super cute!

Countermatch (Adaptive Moisture Lotion, Recovery Sleeping Cream, Intense Moisture Serum, Eye Rescue Cream) : This is a new line from Beautycounter and I love it! After washing my face, I used the moisture serum and eye cream. Seriously, the serum is ah-mazing. After I applied it, my face was glowing. In the morning I applied the moisture lotion and at night, I applied the recovering sleeping cream. Both are super light applications and hydrating. After one day, I looked myself in the mirror and thought “wow, my skin looks super healthy.” And I’ve never said that about my face. If you are looking for a new skin regimen, I highly recommend the Countermatch family. The serum and moisture lotion are my two favs!


Winter Jewels Palette : I honestly wasn’t a fan of the colors, because I’m more of a natural color palette type. But it is holiday themed and perfect for makeup junkies! What I LOVE about their eyeshadows is that they apply easily and if you put an eye shadow primer first, the colors become vibrant and beautiful! I was truly amazed on how much the colors pop!

Lengthening Mascara : Definitely lengthens your eye lashes! What I love about this mascara is that it is lightweight. It doesn’t clump or weigh your lashes down or dry them out. I hate how some mascaras clump and give your lashes that fake look. Not with this mascara. You can tell it’s the shea butter and oils in the ingredients that make your lashes feel soft. Over all, your lashes look natural.

Sheer Lipstick: I am NOT a lipstick person and I was super skeptical when Ellie had me try it. I always find myself dragging lipstick across my lips. So when I first applied it, I was like “is this even lipstick?” Because it felt so smooth and hydrating, you could be fooled it was lip balm! There is a hint of vanilla which surprises you because you don’t expect lipstick to have a fragrance. Add layers to intensify the color. I had currant and LOVED it.

So why should you try Beautycounter?

Because you deserve better.

Don’t just trust my opinions, try them yourself! You won’t be disappointed.

Shop with Ellie!  >> here <<

Here’s to being beautiful, being healthy, and being educated.

That’s the Business of Beauty.


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  1. I️ have tried some of beautycounters products with mixed results. I️ loved the kid bath products but not a fan of any of the makeup. I️ do love what they are doing as a company and hope the big cpg companies will follow suit. I️ worked with the personal care manufacturing space for a number of years and newer regulations in the Us would shake things up.

    • Hi Suzy! I sooooo know what you mean with regard to the makeup (if you’re talking about the pressed powders like blush, bronzer, and eye shadows. Or even mascara!) That said, Beautycounter has TOTALLY reformulated our makeup and blush and we even have amazing highlighters too! Like, worthy of a second look. I was very meh about the previous ones. Now I’m like Winona Ryder’s face during all of “Stranger Things”. I can’t even conceive how much I love it. We also reformulated our mascara because the initial ideation was amazing, but so amazing that it never wanted to come off. HA! And it transferred some under the eyes. We’ve completely cleared that up too!

      I’d love to show you a second (or fresh!) look at our makeup. Thank you for reading Terri’s blog and for your feedback! xoxo, Ellie

  2. Great post Terri! I became aware of all the nasty chemicals in our homes and on our bodies when I became very ill in 2013 and was diagnosed with Lupus. I have since been diagnosed with 5 more autoimmunes and live with chronic illness everyday. I try to eliminate as many toxins from our life as I can. I try to be good about makeup choices but I’m sure I’m slipping somewhere. I can’t wait to look into these products more! Thank you for sharing!

    Cathy Of

    • Hey Cathy, I can’t imagine what your health journey has been like. Overwhelming, I am sure. My mother also has lupus, RA, and Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease (rare neuromuscular disease). I would be delighted to answer ANY questions you may have regarding Beautycounter or share any resources with you. A GREAT one you may be aware of is This database gives you a “ranking” and breaks down each ingredient in our products. It’s a non-partisan group. They also have a segment dedicated to cleaning products, sunscreens, baby products, and more. Feel free to reach out, as I’d be delighted to provide you with Beautycounter samples to try. xoxox, Ellie

    • Hey Ashley! I can’t wait for you to get to “know” Beautycounter. We have a mutual friend in Brittany Young. She and I work together at Beautycounter and hopefully, you two can connect soon when she’s on your side of town:)
      xoxo, Ellie

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