Within the first minute, I was already hurting. Within the first 10 minutes, I think I pulled one of my ab muscles. I didn’t even know that was possible. Within 15 minutes, I felt all the muscles in my body yelling at me. Just 50 minutes of high intensity, low impact exercise and I was sore and sweating profusely. There was no jumping and no running. Simple exercises that really focus on muscle groups that make you regret every french fry you said was ok to eat because you will start exercising tomorrow, which led to 3 months/years later…

[solidcore] is a new workout that focuses on strength. It is like doing pilates on a surf board with many bungee cords.

The new location in Carmel, Indiana opened their doors to a group of us local bloggers to try it out. I watched a few YouTube videos about [solidcore] and was intrigued by the fancy equipment. Coming from a dancers background and barre classes, I knew this workout is like no other. It is high intensity, low impact. In other words, I will be sore. I gathered up the tiny confidence I had and packed my motivation in my pocket.

Immediately, I was welcomed by one of their coaches. Most of the fear I had built had diminished once I was welcomed with a smiling face. Since the location was new, the classes they were offering were community classes until their grand opening in December. So like the coaches, everyone else in the room was new. It was important to get there 10-15 minutes early so the coaches can explain the equipment and what to expect. It’s a small room with 12 “surf boards” as I call them, otherwise known as carriages. Mirrors on the walls, dimmed lights, and heart pumping music. The perfect setting for an intense workout.

If you are like me, I HATE fitness classes that encourage competition among others. That’s why I never went back to Crossfit. In [solidcore] it was a team atmosphere. There were times I looked up in the mirror and met the eyes of another struggling soul…and it honestly makes you laugh! Because you’re not the only one having a hard time! The whole time the coach is cheering you on. Not only you, but the whole room. It also makes  a difference when the coach knows all your names. It felt like everyone was in it together. It was motivating and surprisingly fun. I’ll be honest, there were times I had to stop and catch my breath, take a gulp of water, and literally lay there for a second because my muscles were shaking. At one point we were doing triceps and my butt was shaking. I was like, why is this happening? It was a 50 minute class, but it felt like 30 minutes.

What I love the most about [solidcore] is their mission.

[solidcore] is not just a workout. We are on a serious mission to help you create the
strongest version of yourself inside and out.” – Anne Mahlum Founder, Owner and CEO

It’s not just about working out and getting flat abs, it works out your inner soul. Not only is your body getting stronger, but your mental health as well. You receive a lot of encouragement during the workout, plus your “teammates” cheer you on too. And you end class with high fives! From walking into the studio and leaving, the whole environment is welcoming. It’s not a scary gym-like atmosphere, but a place to hang out with friends. It is challenging, but it is worth it. Think about how you are challenging your body to do things it probably hasn’t tried before. Muscles that you didn’t know you had are screaming at you. In the end, you realize how strong you truly are. You want to feel the shake in your muscles because that means change is happening. Your muscles are getting stronger, but so are you.

Think you’d like to try out a class? I E N C O U R A G E you too! In fact, I salute you. Scared? I don’t blame you, because I was too. No worries, because I have some tips for you to get you ready for your first class!

Tips for your First Class

Arrive 10-15 minutes early so you can get acquainted with the equipment.

Wear clothing that is comfortable.

No prior experience required.

Bring a water bottle. You will need it.

Grab a towel at the front door.

Eat something before class.

You can modify every move. Don’t think you have to follow the coach exactly. Do what your body will let you. It is not worth it to get an injury.

Don’t be afraid. Just laugh it off.

Leave stress and work at the front door. The next 50 minutes is all about you.

Bring a smile and mind set to be better and stronger.

When I woke up the next morning, I literally rolled out of my bed because my ENTIRE abdominal wall (upper and lower) was sore! I’ve never experienced that before. [solidcore] literally lives up to its name! It is one of the best fitness classes I’ve been to and will definitely come back!

Yes I’m sore, but I feel so {S T R O N G} !

Grand opening for Carmel, Indiana is December 16!

[solidcore] has 24 locations in the U.S. Go to their website << here >> to find the closest studio near you!


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