Fashion has always been an interest of mine ever since I was a little girl. In fact, one of my dreams used to be a stylist. But good dreams die quickly in an Asian household.

So in honor of New York Fashion Week, which starts Thursday, February 8 and continues until Friday, Feburary 16, I’ve decided to dedicate this post on living intentionally in style.

I went to Catholic school from preschool all the way through college. So from 1st grade to 12th grade, my clothing was decided for me. In some ways, I loved it because I didn’t have to fuss with “what am I going to wear today.” However, individuality was hard to express because everyone essentially wore the same thing. So when I got to college, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I eventually started picking my clothes out the day before and had them laid out. Because I’m OCD like that.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a lot of clothes that were “in” because I lived in uniforms since I was 6! All these girls had designer clothes, bags, shoes…accessories! I remember feeling like I needed to get to their level, but I didn’t have the money. My mother is a master couponer/clearence/sale pirate. She knows where the deals are, how to the save money, and sometimes the stores owed HER money. It’s unbelievable. My mom didn’t understand why you need brand names at THAT price when you can get it at THIS price. Or get an identical looking item for a better price, without the brand name. I soon inherited this trait and LOVED the feeling of saving $$$. It became a challenge for me every time I go shopping. However, I still do not have any control at Target. {I don’t think this will ever change.}

Wearing the current fashion trend is always a challenge, because sometimes you do not know what will be the next big thing. The best advice I could give is to stay authentic to your style. Don’t waster your money on an oversized sweater if it’s not appealing. Your clothing choice mirrors what you think of yourself. Don’t adopt another style if it doesn’t fit your personality. I would never wear an outrageous fur coat just because JLO was rocking it. The best style you can wear is the one you own. Don’t waste your money on a $80 top when you honestly can get a $20 dupe (duplicate) somewhere else.

Living Intentionally in Style

When you live intentionally, you need to show purpose in what you wear too. I always dress like I’m going to meet my enemy. Always dress nice. Not expensive. But good enough to turn some heads.

The way you dress is a first impression. That’s why it is so important at interviews to look professional. No one wants to hire someone who doesn’t know how to tuck their shirt in, wear a tone tank under a white shirt, or stains on their clothing. It’s Fashion 101. You leave an unspoken impression, even a deciding factor with how you present yourself.

The condition of your clothes shows how careless you are. It’s an impression of how well you take care of your belongings. So if you have holes in your socks, throw them out. The sock has no purpose of warming your feet anymore. Buy new ones.  If you’re still wearing clothes from high school where the print is stretching on your chest, it’s time to retire those. Possibly have your favorites be made into a quilt shirt blanket. If you are constantly pulling your dress down, it’s probably not a comfortable choice. Same with shoes. Sure you can get designer pumps, but can you walk in them for at least 10 blocks? I love a good heel to show off my booty, but I always bring a sensible pair of flats when it’s time to break it down on the dance floor.

Lastly, you’re not impressing anyone with how much money you spent. It’s about how you feel in your clothing. You NEED to feel comfortable because it will be a reflection of yourself.


My favorite places to find new clothing at impressive deals are Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, Target, Amazon, and Macy’s. My favorite is Marshalls because it’s always new clothing I find every time and their prices are always affordable 🙂

Plus, it’s always nice to buy clothing with a coupon!

Head to Sweet Olive Boutique with locations in Indy (Franklin, Greenwood, Avon, and Noblesville) and online, use my personal discount “teacups15”

Check out some pictures from my last visit at Sweet Olive. They have the cutest clothing options!

How are you styling your clothes? Are you a follower or a trendsetter? Where are your favorite places to shop?


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