Black Friday used to be one of the holidays I LOVED.


Because I got go to shopping with my mom.

I remember being a little girl, my mom and I would wake up early and drive to one of the BIG malls. (Of course when you’re small and short, everything is big.) I would be stuffed in my winter coat in my mom’s Toyota Camry and make the 45min drive. Since everyone else in America had the same idea, we would have to park far away. The cold air tickling my nose, my hands wrapped around my mother’s, and the excitement of what we were about to find brought so much joy to my young heart. I can still smell the Auntie Anne’s pretzel I’d get at the end of the shopping trip. I’d sit on a nearby bench waiting for my mom to pay at the counter and my fingers would be sticky from the Glazed Raisin pretzel, but I didn’t care. We would go from store to store getting presents for everyone on the list. Sometimes I would get bored and tired from walking, but I loved doing something special with my mom. The best part was going home and putting the Christmas tree up. I was never tired for that.

As I got older, we would still go the mall but go our separate ways with our own Christmas lists. I realized shopping on this day ended up being about getting there super early to catch “the Black Friday deals”. {At least that’s how the media pumped it up to be} I encountered rude people, packed stores, and never ending lines. It made the magic of this “holiday” seem unbearable. I thought everyone had the same idea that this day was the beginning of the Christmas season. To be joyful and light of heart for the month ahead of us. Yet, I was faced with the reality that people use this day for greed. I came to the conclusion that Black Friday is a fake.  FAKE NEWS. It wasn’t a day for joyful shopping and being with family and friends but people being pushy and competitive. {Just like the opening scene in How the Grinch Stole Christmas} Nevertheless, I always got my Auntie Anne’s pretzel to remind of the real magic of this day.

Black Friday has become one of those days that you think…what a horrible day. Kind of like Hallmark holidays. Is it even necessary? People associate this day to go shopping, cross off everyone off their list, and show off what they had bought. Instead of trying to beat the lines at stores, why can’t people realize that you can probably get the same deals later. Society makes the idea of Black Friday as the ONLY day to go shopping. Lies, you can shop on days that are not holidays. Essentially, it’s a sales pitch. You don’t get the best deals on this day. It is like any other holiday that offers sales. (i.e. President’s Day Sale, Labor Day Sale.) Plus, you get all hyped up shopping with other crazed customers trying to knock off everyone on their Christmas list that it makes you feel like you need to be doing the same. I mean, who cares? I would like to call bull poop.

Here’s my sales pitch: Save your money and Stay home.

I realized that the only reason Black Friday meant so much to me was because I spent the day with my mom, doing something I love. But I don’t have to go shopping to do that. As I grew up, circumstances changed and I’m not able to do that as much. I realized every moment I have now with my mom and family are counting down. It’s horrible to think, but it’s the truth. I now hold this day to relax and think of what I am blessed with. What I’ve been through and where I am now in my life. There are many days of the year I can go shopping and deal with rude strangers.  But that does not compare to the days I have left with my family.

Think about the people who have to work on Black Friday. The ones who have to work Thanksgiving night into Black Friday. They don’t get to spend the holiday with their family, instead they get to experience rude customers. I can’t support that.

So this Black Friday, you won’t see me at Target. ( I know, I’m so sorry Target. Please forgive me. I’ll see you Saturday. Love you, k bye.) Instead, I’ll be in the comfort of family thinking about the real reason of the season.

Happy Holidays


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