If you thought 10 seconds goes by really fast, you haven’t been to barre class.

Barre classes are notorious for their butt lifting techniques. Therefore, they have been dubbed “butt school.” However, barre classes work more than just your booty. It works on sculpting your arms, strengthening your thighs, and shaping your abs. It is honestly one of the best workouts for women who want to get their bods into shape. With classes that are as long as 60 minutes or as short as 45 minutes, it is easy to drop in for a class in between errands!

With so many barre studios popping up across the country, it creates a plethora of choices to pick from. Pure Barre being the most popular. Stepping out of the box, I decided to try a new barre studio. Nestled in Fishers, IN is  B Present Studio. With one studio up and running in Granger, IN, this site recently opened and is already lifting booties in the northern Indy area.

What I love about B Present is the variety of classes! It’s not just one class of Barre. There is Barre Basics for those just beginning, Barre Beautiful for the intermediate, and Barre Bootcamp for those who are up to the cardio challenge. Barre Boxing and Yoga are also options (Granger location currently.) Can’t make it to class? They have Barre on Demand that is only $4.99 to rent! That alone, is an amazing deal!

I first heard of B Present from my sister-in-law who said her friend from college opened up a barre studio in my neck of the woods!

“B Present Studio is a boutique fitness and wellness community that invigorates your mind, body, and spirit. Our team is made up of wellness experts who know and understand what a woman’s body needs for complete and total wellness.”

B Present Studio

So what makes B Present different than competing barre studios? B Present offers child care which is heaven sent for on-the-go mommas. Can I get a hell yasss? B Present also offers wellness coaching and personal training for those who want one on one attention or some needed guidance and support for bettering your health.

I encourage anyone in the Indianapolis area to check out B Present Studio and experience the butt lifting school everyone is talking about. Before I give out my tips before your first class, I’ll give you a run done on what exactly Barre class is!

What is Barre?

Simply put, it is a combination of postures that is inspired by ballet movements! Yoga and Pilates are infused into the exercises! What makes barre so hard is the focus on isometric holds with small repetitive movements. Weights are included, as well as strength bands, to increase difficulty and to really challenge yourself!

What is the benefit?

Small classes that are at most 60 minutes or at least 45 minutes. Unlike most workout classes, you will experience muscle definition, improved posture, and flexibility. Plus, reduction of stress. After a good workout, you will walk out thinking,”I didn’t know my booty could be that sore!” (Just wait until the next day!) You will also meet a bunch of new, fun people!

Dance Experience Required?

NO! Anyone and everyone is welcome to the barre. No experience needed. Modifications are offered throughout class to fit your comfort zone, but you are always welcomed to challenge yourself!

8 Tips Before Your First Barre Class

  1. Bring water, towel, and a yoga mat. They offer these for a nominal fee but because of sanitary reasons it would be best to bring your own towel and mat. Especially if you’re a germaphobe! During my first class, I brought water and rented a yoga mat and regretted my decision to not bring a towel. I was sweating oceans. It was embarrassing, especially when I was positioned between two seasoned barre-goers. Take a towel and wipe out your inhibitions!
  2. Hair up & Back. This is probably a no brainer, but the cardio in these workouts are serious. Get a hand band so your hair doesn’t fall on your face.That’s the last thing you want when you’re getting your fitness on. Plus you gotta look some what put together!
  3. Eat! You should always have something to eat before you work out so your body has enough fuel to power through! Protein smoothie is a good option. Or a peanut butter sandwich or a cup of oatmeal with banana slices is another yummy treat. Even yogurt with fruit. Any piece of fruit for that matter! Carbs and protein is the best before a workout! (See below what my favorite recovery drink is!)
  4. Drink Water! You will sweat. And if you sweat oceans like myself while being dehydrated, you will pass out. Don’t be that person. Drink at least a glass of water before class and don’t forget a water bottle during class! You will be crawling after that bad boy within 10 minutes of the beginning of class.
  5. Wear tight fit clothing. This is imperative so you can see body alignment in the mirror. It is also helpful for the “barre-tenders” to see your body alignment so they can modify your positions. It’s key to know how to position your body during the workouts, because you want to protect your back. You also don’t want to strain your muscles. You’re here to work out and become more flexible! Not to get injured!
  6. Arrive 15 minutes early. Every class is different and you may need to gather materials (weights, circle band, long band.) Plus you may want to sneak a spot close to the mirror. You never know when classes will be booked full. Plus, I like to go early so I can get settled and stretch a little on my own. Maybe take a selfie for insta.
  7. Don’t be afraid to try new things! Everyone in class is trying to be better, get better, and look better. The fact that you’re making the move to try a new workout class is the first and HARDEST step when it comes to exercising. Not everyone in class is a prima ballerina. It is a mix of different people, with or without dance/fitness experience. You are only cheating yourself when you start comparing yourself to others. I promise, everyone there is super nice. We’re all on the same boat!
  8. Breathe and let go of all your frustrations! B Present is built on the foundation of a community of wellness. That includes mental wellness. If you don’t know who Elle Woods is, then you need to watch Legally Blonde before you step into class. My girl Elle once said, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.” I’m sure there are times we give our husbands the major eye stare down…exercise can help alleviate that! Endorphins are happy hormones that your body produces in response to exercise. It’s no secret that exercise is a key ingredient to better moods. Exercise is one of the best anti-depressants out there. When you come to your first class, remember what your goal is. Take a big deep breath in and exhale all your reservations. Remember: B Present’s tag line is ” B fit, B firm, B fabulous.” Just by walking into class, you’re on your way to a better you. You are fab, girlfriend, and in no time you will have a firm booty. It’s a plus for you and your significant other 😉

Bonus Tip #9: Don’t forget to eat afterwards! Or at least drink a liquid meal (recovery drinks)! When you work out, your body burns fat to be used for energy. After working out, your energy stores need to be replenished and your muscles need to be repaired. This is the best time to eat because your body can utilize your food consumption for replenishment  instead of being stored as fat. Eating carbs, proteins, and fats such as whole grain toast with peanut butter, cottage cheese with fruit, or grilled chicken and vegetables are tasteful options. Consuming food within 45 minutes after working out is the ideal. For me, I usually go for a recovery drink.


Shakeology! This is what I look forward to at the end of my workout! This is probably the best recovery drinks I’ve ever tasted. It’s like dessert!

“Daily dose of dense nutrition” – Shakeology

It is a blend of Superfoods and proteins  that are imperative to your nutrition.

Cafe Latte is my favorite; however, Shakeology has other flavors including vegan options.




Are you ready to lift your butt?

Do you want to experience what they mean when they say “embrace the shake”?

What are your thoughts? Are you thinking of stepping out of your box and trying something new?

B Present is hosting their Fishers Grand Opening on September 9 and they have FREE sample classes!

Yes, FREE!

>Click here << to schedule a class!

The fun doesn’t even start then! September 7th, B Present is holding a class at Daniel’s Winery in McCordsville, IN. A 60 minute thigh burning class followed by a glass of wine overlooking a beautiful winery? Yass. Where are my basics at?

If you need a fitness buddy, I’d be over the moon to be yours! Send me an email in the contact form above!

Until the, I’ll meet you at the barre.



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