Celebrating the life we have. We only got one shot, so we can’t afford to waste it.

In a world where society decides what is good and bad, we need to stay true to ourselves. Stop putting the mask on to make mom and dad happy. Instead, just be you. You will always have naysayers, let them be reminders that they are just jealous that you have the confidence to be you.

I believe in 5 simple things: working hard, being passionate, being inspiring to others, being kind, and being fearless.

Here at teacups&hiccups, we are devoted to motivating & empowering the boss babe and bros out there.

Growing up, I always had this need to be perfect and I struggle a lot with anxiety and stress. I feel like that could have been different if I was encouraged to do my best. {Instead of being compared to.} And praised for the effort I put in. Teacups and Hiccups is a lifestyle blog focusing on empowering your inner soul. Celebrate your little and big wins as well as celebrating the small failures. It’s ok to fail. Failure sets the launching pad for big success.

Feel inspired in fashion choices, reinforce your beauty with knowledge, and be motivated in your health. It’s more than just doing, it’s believing in yourself.

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Teacups represent the coming together at the end of the day, to highlight the highs and lows of our days and hiccups represent the little “oopsie daises” we get ourselves into. Whichever it may be, at the the end of the day every moment deserves a “clink” because it becomes a new chapter in our lives. Consequently, it leads to who we are and who we are yet to become.

My name is Terri. I am a pediatric nurse by profession. They are not patients, they are my friends. And sometimes they bite and kick. But I love them anyway.

This blog is also my safe haven. It is not surprising I’m an introvert. I do have a lot to say, but I express myself better in words.

I love Target, french fries, and spring!

I am happily married and have a pup named, Domer. If I had time, I would read and sit in the sun all day. I love DIY crafts and could spend hours at Michaels & Target.

I am originally from the Chicago area and moved to Indianapolis. Still a Bulls fan, not so sure a Bears fan. I love movies, the funny romantic kinds…not the scary, thriller ones. I am NOT ok with those. (Stop trying to make fetch happen, it is NOT going to happen!)

I never turn down an opportunity for a mimosa and I love friendly smiles.

Here’s to finding happiness in our daily lives and inspiring others to be the best version of themselves!